Building great customer experiences, bringing transformational changes, increasing employee productivity and optimizing enterprise costs – that's the focus of each of our service lines.


Custom software products
and platforms that give you a distinct
digital advantage

Custom Software Development

With the right custom software, businesses can mine new sources of value and discover brand-new markets.

Cloud Development

Maximize cloud investments, shorten timelines, increase speed of response, and reduce costs by using cloud technology

Cloud Transformation

We establish a phase-wise project plan, reinforced with industry best practices and structured processes to ensure that your migration will be well planned, executed and supported

Product Engineering

Since 2013, Hocrox has developed 100+ software products for Independent Software Vendors. ISVs come to Hocrox to improve time to market, leverage best practices and technology, obtain excellent quality

Enterprise ADM

Hocrox provides Application development and maintenance (ADM) services to its customers across the globe to effectively maintain and run their mission critical applications, helping them to increase their ROI

Business Intelligence

Hocrox provides Business Intelligence (BI) Services and Dashboard/Reporting Services to help enterprises in decision making. Our solutions provide insights into sales, markets, products, customers, partners, employees and operations

What is your X-factor?


There are four types of businesses in the world: asset-based businesses, service provides, product firms, and platforms. The average valuation of each type is as follows: 2X revenue, 2.6X, 4.8X, and 8.2X. With custom software services, we help service-based businesses unlock profitability and increase their valuation.


We realize that any service we provide should create happy customers, employees and help in operational efficiencies and give you the bandwidth to focus on your market growth and customer footprint.

Client Engagement

Solving the most complex business challenges by developing solutions that are custom-built around the needs of the brand.


A new breed of dynamic ideas that create an emotional connection between a brand and its consumers.

Data Science

Anticipating customer needs to create timely, relevant and seamless brand experiences across all touch points.


Ensuring messages reach the right audience, in the right place, at the right time with techniques that drive measurable business impact.

Social & Content Marketing

Authentic relationships that go beyond marketing and advertising silos.


Accelerating growth and transforming businesses for success in the digital world.


Transformation through twenty years of software innovation and IP.


Implementing solutions with quality, agility and speed that help our clients compete in the world of digital business.

User Experience

Creating value in every brand interaction requires a deep understanding of the customer.

Where technology, expertise, and service meet

Since 2013, we’ve helped hundreds of client partners across numerous industries automate business processes, eliminate cumbersome manual tasks, and grow the bottom line with custom software services.

Change the way you do business

Now that you already know that hocrox is the best choice for your next project, do not hesitate. Be our valuable happy client. Get started now.