Powerful General Purpose
Products to Solve
Real Problems

Since 2013, we have not forgot that our business is derived
from the technology. It nourishes the creation, strategic planning, and creates value for our customers.

Think. Research. Innovate.

The world we have seen has changed and will change.
When People have knowledge they can find solutions, without having helped out.
Information is powerful, but it is how we use it that will define us.

What we do

Algorithms and Data Science

Hocrox is working on "Big Data" which is currently an explosive phenomenon, triggered by proliferation of data in ever increasing volumes, rates, and variety.

Congnitive and Expressive abilities

Hocrox uses EEG for capturing brain signal to create the Next Big thing to solve real problems.

Solving world problems

Researches conducted under Hocrox end point is to solve complex world problems and to ease human life.

AI Applications for Everyday Needs

AI is the future. Humans are limited to certain things but technology has helped us to remove all the boudations and we are on it.

Machine Learning and optimization

Optimization is one of the pillars of statistical learning. It plays a crucial role in the design of “intelligent” systems, such as search engines, recommender systems, and speech and image recognition software.

Detection Algorithms

Sensors plays important role in human as well as computers. We Create algorithms for sensors to detect changes.

Web 3.0 : Tracking Change in Web Trends

Hocrox Web Studio has been tracking customers needs and accordingly develop Web Applications

Business Intelligence:

Data is abundant. Hocrox combines data to form information which can be used for the development of business.

Digital Forensics: Building tools and techniques

Tools and Techniques: Hocrox has specialization in creating tool for the Forensics investigators to solve cases.